Tempsure Treatment

Are you familiar with radiofrequency treatments for fine lines and wrinkles? TempSure Envi is our newest addition to Affinity Optometry and is the first in the Okanagan to offer this treatment. This treatment safely delivers heat into the skin’s layers, promoting natural collagen production without injections or downtime.

How does it help Dry Eye Syndrome?

TempSure Envi has an added advantage of delivering therapeutic heat energy to “unclog” the inflamed and blocked oil (Meibomian) glands. An anesthetic eye drop is placed in the eye and an eye shield is inserted to protect the eyes. The Tempsure Envi device delivers gentle heat and massages the eyelids to a temperature of 42 degrees to the blocked glands. The oil glands get a fresh start and in a matter of a few weeks, the eyes feel sufficiently moist and comfortable! When the glands are free and clear of blockage, they will function properly to keep the tears on the eye’s surface.

The frequency of the treatment varies depending upon the degree of the underlying inflammation and the recurrence of the dry eye symptoms. Meibomian Gland Disease is the leading cause of dry eye and ocular discomfort, and it is now treatable with this radiofrequency device!

What are patients saying
about TempSure?

” It feels like a hot stone massage”

“It was relaxing, spa-like feel”

“Skin glowed and felt smooth”